Enjoy The Convenience Of Luggage Free Travel To Jo'burg from R 30 per day.

Keep a full wardrobe in Jo'burgh for meetings, outings and fitness. No more lugging luggage back and forth. No more running out of clothing options.

Luggage Locker

Step 1

Sign up to begin using luggage locker on your frequent visits to Jo'burg.

Step 2

Before departure, place a booking and then leave your luggage with the concierge.

Step 3

We will collect from the hotel within 24 hours and deliver to our locker facility.

Step 4

We launder, dryclean and iron your dirty clothes then put everything into your locker.

Step 5

While away you can add clothes or documents to your locker by giving our address for delivery.

Step 6

Before your next trip, book for return. You will find everything in your hotel ready for use.